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beulah live performances — mp3s download

i'd like to say that i'm sharing this because it's not available for sale or obtainable by means other than how i got them. i'm a huge beulah fan and want to share this with other fans. my intention is not to infringe on beulah's cd/dvd sales. i see this as just a supplement to the rest of your legally purchased beulah collection. ;)

the tracks were digitally ripped from the a good band is easy to kill dvd and encoded as mp3s at 256kbps vbr -- so the quality is practically that of the dvd. the performances are well recorded and mixed -- so it's not some poor sounding crap bootleg. there are 17 tracks:

  1. landslide baby
  2. gen autry
  3. emma blowgun's last stand
  4. gravity's trying to bring us down
  5. popular mechanics for lovers
  6. a good man is easy to kill
  7. if we can land a man on the moon, surely i can win your heart
  8. matter vs. space
  9. night is the day turned inside out
  10. battle cry of the west
  11. don't forget to breath
  12. silver lining
  13. disco: the secretaries blues
  14. i love john she loves paul
  15. me and jesus don't talk anymore
  16. lay low for the letdown
  17. score for augusta

download here (125mb).

i encourage you to buy a good band is easy to kill if you do not already own it. it's only $9.95 on amazon. it's an entertaining documentary of their last tour and has additional live performances. also buy your beulah if you've pirated it. the guys are awesome and we should support them as best we can. i should mention that you can also get when your heartstrings break and the yoko demo from the m man himself by going to beulahmania.com. drop miles an email and you can probably talk him into signing your purchases, too. (i even sent him the other albums for him to sign! he's a great guy.)

edit: check out elephant six for some other non-released performances.

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