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Big Beulah News!!!

copy/pasted from because I'm too lazy for summaries.

stuff about Handsome Western States, When Your Heartstrings Break, Miles' solo record, and other stuff too.

Hi folks, Swan here. I thought I’d take a minute to answer a couple of questions a good number of you have been asking.

Q: Will Handsome Western States be repressed?
A: Yes. We’re also aware that it’s going for exorbitant amounts on ebay and we apologize for that. Seventy bucks for a CD is absolutely insane. Anyway, we’re working to get it back out there. The original masters and artwork were lost by an old manufacturer so we’re in the process of recreating both. This will not change the sound aesthetic (we’re not remixing or remastering), but there may be new artwork. We’re not doing this to try and squeeze more money out of purported completists. In fact, if you already own a copy, let us go on the record by saying that we don’t want you to buy it again just because it has new art. It’s just new paper with new colors, the music will be the same. In the meantime, we are happy to announce the release of Handsome Western States (Heartstrings too) on iTunes and other major download sites in about two to three weeks. Sorry for the delay.

Q: Is Kurosky Making a Record?
A: The short answer is yes. Here’s the long one: Miles had major reconstructive surgery on his shoulder a month ago. Some bone was removed, the bursa was removed and a tendon which had been completely torn from the bone was reattached with screws and sutures. Needless to say, Miles cannot play guitar, he can't even lift his arm to touch his face. He will be rehabbing everyday for 4-6 months. After that he will be evaluated to see if more surgery is required. As funny as it sounds, he's been writing songs a out Bobby McFerrin! When I asked Miles about it, he said "surgery was like the Giants' season packed into seven hours" and that "the transition from morphine to vicodin has been completely painless." He also said he's going to Arizona in January to make a record whether or not he can play guitar. I don’t know what that means for me just yet, for instance, but we’ll keep you posted. I also learned that if Miles would've died in surgery, I was in line to inherit the 16 track we used to record Heartstrings.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Speaking of the 16 track...even though Miles didn’t kick the bucket, he was kind enough to let me pick up the machine from his mom’s garage so I can use it to start producing records. Currently I’m working with Beulah's live sound engineer, Chris Palmatier on an EP for a new band called the Bye Bye Blackbirds, both at his studio and at home. I’ve also done some word of mouth trumpet session work, most notably on Death Cab for Cutie's new record "Plans." Now that I have the tape machine, and as soon as I figure out how to utilize a G4 I “inherited” from my former place of employment, one day maybe I’ll get around to recording something of my own. I’m more of a home body these days, but feel free to contact me if you’re looking for a producer or session guy, or if you have tips on free stuff for my G4.

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